the best conference call ever

i just got off the phone with a classroom of twenty 5th/6th graders – and it was so much fun!

my brother, a 5th/6th grade public school teacher put me on the phone with his class of 20 students. i was called on to share ideas about how to write a blog.

my brother is piloting new ways to use technology in his classroom this year and one way includes the students writing a blog each day – they can write about a conversation they had during the day, something new they learned, or simply just how they are feeling. his goal is for them to write more often, and as they write, he hopes they will develop their voice and their unique writing style.

what if we encouraged kids in our ministries to write blogs at home during the week about what they had done at church, how they were applying the lesson, or even any further questions they had? it might encourage further conversation between parents and children about the lesson.

my brother is also piloting a way for his students to use twitter each day. he encouraged them to pick a user name and then explained the specifics of how to tweet. each day they are expected to write 140 characters about something they did or learned during the day. his goal is to utilize another medium for them to continue thinking about what they did. after 3 days of class, these are some of the tweets:

mtrpanhead: we went on wordle and it was awesome! we are also learning sign language.

CubsQueen: i’m having so much fun talking with my old friends and meeting new ones. i think this will be a fun school year.

chicoski34: centers are pretty cool and different. i had a good time.

what if  we encouraged kids in our ministries to tweet at the end of a sunday morning program about something they learned and then encouraged parents to read the tweet and ask the child more about it?  it might give parents an easy way to start a great conversation with their children.

we continually strive to challenge children in taking their faith deeper – what are your plans for utilizing technology to accomplish this goal in this new ministry year?


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