the special magic of a team

recently i attended a funeral – the funeral was for the daughter of a volunteer with whom i had served with in children’s ministry years ago. during the service, i looked around the room to see the faces of people i had served with weekend after weekend for almost 8 years. the incredible number of people in attendance reminded me of how this particular volunteer team had loved and cared for each other for so many years.

i saw the face of a woman who would sing and dance for kids, and the face of a man who would dress up in silly costumes while teaching kids, and the faces of several women who led small groups of kids, and the faces of students who assisted in the classroom, and the faces of spouses who for so many years – supported their husbands’ and wives’ volunteer efforts. it was an unbelievable picture.

the community that had been built on that special team was unlike any i had experienced before. i will never take the privilege of leading – or being a member of a team for granted.

serving on that team transformed my life.

and even in the tragic and darkest moments of life – i’m reminded of the special magic of a team.


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