Group’s New Buzz Curriculum – A Review

01-LOGO-BUZZ-4c-Smabout a month ago, group publishing sent me their brand new curriculum buzz to try out with the kids at my church. yesterday – i tried the preschool curriculum with the kids in the age 3-5 classroom.

the 3 most important things to me when choosing a curriculum are: electronic format (so that i can customize and send easily to volunteers), kid connection (the content is just right for the children’s age and kids connect with the activities so that learning happens naturally), and easy for volunteers (for both preparing and implementing).

group definitely delivered on easy for volunteers – the only thing i had to do was read my leader journal to prepare my heart, read the day’s overview, and set out the supplies. i didn’t have to shop for any supplies (which was fantastic!) or build large props to go with the lesson. one of the teachers who taught with me commented that the instructions could have been written simpler – she felt like the instructions were a bit hard to understand, but other than that – simple and easy for volunteers!

the kid connection was mixed – overall the kids liked the activities, they especially liked the wind up bee and the brightly colored ball, but it felt like there were too many sit down-in a circle-discussion activities. even with 3 experienced preschool teachers teaching the lesson, it was hard to keep the kids interested in sitting in the circle.  i would have liked some additional physical games where they could stand and participate. i did like the content – it seemed simple enough, i just wondered if we did this for 12 weeks if the content would almost be too simple.

the curriculum didn’t include any electronic components – i would have loved a CD-Rom with all of the lessons and supplies – or a password which i could use to download or email the lessons online. this was a huge drawback for me. also would have liked some video components – i think short video clips would have enhanced the bible storytelling portion.

overall a good curriculum – simple and easy to use, just like it promises – good for churches using a comparable group curriculum, but it didn’t appear all that innovative for churches looking to implement a brand new format or structure.

want a second opinion? check out these reviews:

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  1. I could not agree more when will group or Standard or someone new out their wake up and smell the roses. “Electronic format (so that i can customize and send easily to volunteers)” is key. I use Elevate and Big City studios (with a lot of modifications). They both offer Electronic format that are great. However I need something for mid week. and Ideas?


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