what’s your unique decision making style?

this is how i like to make leadership decisions: i start by collecting all of the facts, then i talk it over with others whom i trust, i check in with my gut and then i make a decision about how to best move forward. in other words, making decisions as the leader involves a process for me. when faced with a major leadership decision, i need a little bit of time to lean into my gut and consider the options.

and over the years, i’ve learned how to say, sometimes even in the heat of the moment when i feel the pressure to decide quickly, “i need another day to think this through.” it definitely hasn’t been easy, and when i first started practicing this habit of taking time to think things through, i often felt insecure and un-confident of my leadership decision-making ability. but then i watched and observed as i started making really good decisions when i took time to think it through. it was exciting!

i was reminded of this video from bill hybels – he likes to make decisions by gathering the right people around the table, praying and believing that God will lead them to the right decision.

it seems to me that everyone has a unique style for decision making. what’s your style?


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