innovative family ministry resources

Last week – several friends in children’s ministry asked me to recommend, from my perspective, innovative churches who are pioneering new ideas for family ministry and resourcing parents. i thought others might be interested – so here are just a few that i find exciting:

1. Lakewood Church, Houston TXThey just finished a 3 day KidsLife Camp – in which parents and kids attended 3 nights in a row (Fri, Sat, Sun) – parents heard from a parenting expert while the kids participated in their own activities with similar themes. At the end of the camp – they had a family ceremony and created a family covenant. Fantastic!

2. Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall TX (what’s with all the great Texas churches?) – They have a program called HomePointe which offers resources, training, and encouragement for families every Sunday.

3. Christ Church of Lake Forest, IL has developed an interactive Family Road Map – it’s so clear and gives parents a vision for raising their kids. Fabulous!

4. Online social networks are a great place to connect with other churches who are experimenting with children’s ministry, and these networks are increasingly becoming a place to send parents for additional resources.

  • If you are on twitter, use the hashtag #fammin to connect with other churches and discover others who are posting thoughts/ideas on family ministry.
  • Parent Connect – is a new online network (kind of like facebook) for parents, a great resource to direct parents in your church to for additional community.
  • the Brand new D6 Conference being held in Dallas, TX, September 23-25, 2009 looks to be an exciting place for new conversations in family ministry. you can follow their updates ontwitteri’m hoping they will announce live streaming so that both parents and leaders can follow the event.

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