children’s ministry in the urban context – friday

today concludes our weeklong conversation with darlene kelley and effective urban children’s ministry – today’s topic how the urban and suburban church can partner together.  i’m grateful for darlene and her contribution to children’s ministry.

a complete pdf is available at the end of this post with darlene’s full article.

urban – suburban partnerships

i often wonder how partnerships can evolve as we do ministry in distinctly different contexts. what would happen if we possessed more of a kingdom mentality which inspires us to reach beyond ourselves and our specific ministry contexts and work together recognizing the value, significance and contribution potential of each context. in saying partnership, i am not encouraging what i have seen in the past – a relationship where one group dominates the other or becomes the “savior” of the other, rather a true partnership where both parties recognizes the value and contribution of the other and develop a reciprocal relationship.

Distinctives of Ministry to Urban Children-Families_DKelley

Darlene R. Kelley has served as a leader of various ministry teams throughout the East Coast and Midwest teaching and shepherding children, parents and volunteers, hosting various community wide family events, and preaching to local congregations. She is a pastor and teacher with a heart for teaching the Bible and training others for ministry. She currently holds a Master of Arts in Educational Ministries from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and is currently studying full time as she pursues a Master of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL


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