we believe…a child protection preamble

my church recently went through a process to re-evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of the child protection policy we were using in our children’s ministry.  as a group, we concluded that the policy could use some updating, thus launching our several month process as a work group – researching, discussing, formatting, experimenting – and of course, eating pizza as we worked late into the night.  i’m so proud that we’ve finished the new policy – and this week will launch our training and implementation of the policy.

one addition that we made to the policy is the following preamble that we included on the first page. we felt that it cast great vision for the value of children in our community.


because we affirm that

all children are a gift of God,

created by God and created good;

all children are a gift

to the whole of the human community;

all children have a real faith

and gifts for ministry;

all children have the right to be children.


we hope for a world

where all children can find a safe place;

where all ages, races, genders, creeds, and abilities

are recognized, valued, and celebrated;

where all adults hear the voices of children and

speak with, as well as for them. . . .

[we must remember that]

Jesus welcomed children and encouraged us to

welcome them in his name;

Jesus lifted up a child as an example of

what the Realm of God is like.

from the opening preamble of “a vision for children and the church”

by congregational ministries division.  adopted by 205th general assembly of pc (usa)

i especially love the words: “where all adults hear the voices of children and speak with them, as well as for them..” what a beautiful picture of a faith community in which adults serve as both friend and advocate for children.


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