a few of my favorite things

these are a few of my current favorite resources for children’s ministry..

seeds family worship

i absolutely love the music – great songs for families and churches! and the website is a fantastic resource for families, worship leaders and children’s leaders. the best part is that each package comes with 2 identical cds – 1 to keep and 1 to give to a friend. what a great idea!


JellyTellythe newest creation from phil vischer, founder and creator of big idea and veggie tales. a great place for kids and families to play games, watch episodes, and listen to music. and the best part – jellybits where you can download individual videos for your children’s ministry program!

emergency response handbook for children’s ministry

i love how practical and useful this tiny book is. each chapter is 1-2 pages long and gives information about how to handle various situations in children’s ministry such as: a child experiencing a tragic loss, poverty, a parent with alcohol/drug addictions, etc. i love that the book is simple, easy to understand and offers several approaches to every issue. and now it’s available as a download!

i have 2 seeds family worship cds to give away – just leave a comment about your current favorite thing for children’s ministry and i’ll pick 2 people to receive a cd!


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  1. Posted by Sheila on May 27, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Namits. This excellent item is a back pocket idea I have used for small groups in Pre School. This is a ring of cards that asks questions encouraging creativity and brainstorming. For instance “name things that are cold” or “name different types of ice cream”. It has been most useful to Small Group Leaders when the service goes a little late. Mostly, I love that it fosters great group interaction and that it was created by a mom of seven.

    This comment was not motivated by any incentives.


  2. Posted by amyedolan on May 27, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    sheila.. what a great resource! thanks for sharing! i’m sending you a cd because you were the first..


  3. My favorite resource is kidology.org. I get so many ideas from this site! They have ideas for everything from lessons to games to forums to movie reviews. It’s awesome.



  4. Amy, you are the bomb. Pointing the way toward resources…you go girl.

    Whn are we gonna have that reverse-Mentoring summit? :o)


  5. * When?


  6. Posted by amyedolan on May 28, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    deborah – thanks for the great idea! kidology is a fantastic resource. i would love to send you a cd. email me your info: amy@lemonlimekids.com

    CB – the summit is on! email me some thoughts – and i’ll post them here to get the conversation started!


  7. Seeds CDs have been in my house now for over 5 years! It has been a great resource for my kids and for me…finally verses set to quality music that I really like. And the Seeds folks are great people too!


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