twitter as a volunteer training tool

my friend matt guevara recently blogged about the various social media tools necessary for networking and learning in children’s ministry. i love the conversation about how to best use facebook and twitter and cm connect in order to stay connected. i especially love how easy twitter is in helping me stay connected to the children’s ministry conversation.

i use twitter for 3 main purposes:

  • to stay connected with children’s ministry leaders from various churches
  • to be linked to new blogs or articles
  • to share my own ideas about children’s ministry

and i’ve been wondering if volunteers in my own children’s ministry might be interested in twitter for the same purposes. twitter might just be a great way to train volunteers in small, bite-size, manageable pieces – and a way to offer training between sundays. volunteers would start by receiving a simple list of children’s ministry folks to follow, and then they would be encouraged to tweet on their own schedule. they could follow links, ask questions, and choose to follow additional leaders.  twitter seems like a great way to provide training that is customized to each individual volunteer, some might like to participate in certain conversations based on their serving roles. as a follow up – at each children’s ministry meeting – the group of volunteers takes a few minutes to talk twitter – by sharing new learnings, suggesting new people to follow and bringing helpful articles for the whole group.

i think twitter as a training tool has real potential.


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