children’s ministry in the urban church

yesterday morning i had a great meeting with darlene, a children’s leader who is interested in envisioning the urban church, specifically the african-american urban church, to re-think spiritual formation for children in their local context. she described the dilemma many african-american churches have when it comes to age-appropriate children’s ministry – most families hold a high value for being together during worship and aren’t eager to send their children to a separate classroom. how can the church affirm this value (which of course is a fantastic value) and still provide relevant teaching for both children and adults?

i believe this children’s leader has a new voice that will encourage and empower many urban churches – and challenge those of us who have worked for a long time in suburban churches. darlene promised she would put all of her thoughts together to be posted on this blog, look for that in the upcoming weeks.

but until then – i’m curious to hear from you – what are the needs of the urban church in the spiritual formation of children and youth? and are there any resources or training that already exist or is this an area of great need?


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  1. The same application needs to be advocated for in Youth Ministry in the urban, Indigenous Churches. Our young people do not find much of what they experience to be relevant.

    Would love to participate in a think-tank on this one!



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