strengthen your leadership strengths

in the past couple of months, i’ve been asked to complete several reference forms for friends applying for new jobs or new schools.  on each form, i was surprised to see the question “describe the applicant’s greatest weakness and how he/she is working to overcome them.” what? maybe i’m reading too much marcus buckingham, but i thought we were past this. as i struggled on each form to write something honest, yet vague – i wondered why this question was being asked. it seems to me a far better investment to focus on strengthening your strengths.

strengthen your leadership strengths

i love jenifer fox and all that she is contributing to the strengths’ movement for children. a few months ago – i listened to her talk about how we can improve children’s strengths in the school setting. she talked about the concept of tutoring. she said that we often find a great tutor for our kids when they are struggling in an area and we hope for them to get stronger and smarter in that area. but we rarely think of hiring a tutor to develop our children’s strengths. can you imagine if a parent said, “my child is the best student at math – i’m going to hire a tutor to spend extra hours with her so that she can excel even further in math.” but why don’t we do that? and specifically why don’t we do that when it comes to strengthening our leadership strengths?

what are your greatest strengths as a leader? i’m a great team-builder and team leader – i like to empower and encourage my team to do their job well, that’s my strength. and i am constantly on the look-out for opportunities to build more leadership muscle in leading teams – i only want to do it better and more effectively.

today consider your greatest strength as a leader – and a way in which you can grow even stronger in that strength.

and a fantastic follow up resource “lead the way god made you: discovering your leadership style in children’s ministry” by larry shallenberger. a great resource for discovering your leadership strength – my style is theatre manager.


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  1. I would love to read this book! I put it on my wishlist at Amazon. Thanks for sharing the link.


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