all leadership, all the time (well, at least for this week)

lately, i’ve been consulting several children’s ministry leaders on how to lead well. how to lead so that your vision for children is effectively executed. this week – i’m talking up a storm on leading well. i promise to you – all leadership posts, all week long. including: leading efficient meetings, improving your communication, self-leadership fresh ideas, leading with instinct, and discovering your leadership style.

when i was in college – a friend defined leadership to me by saying, “a leader is someone who has followers.” i thought this was a rather simplistic definition, but over the years – it has occurred to me that this might actually be the very best definition of leadership. you see – it’s not easy to have followers, just because you are assigned to be the leader – doesn’t mean people will naturally follow you. followers come as a result of clear vision, ownership and commitment to that vision, trust, respect, and assigned specific gift-based tasks.

my favorite leadership resources: howard hendrick’s book “creative leadership: a revolutionary approach to creative leadership” originally published in 1998 – still a go-to resource for me, anne jackson’s book “mad church disease: overcoming the burnout epidemic” challenges me to lead myself well, and of course i love to read children’s ministry leadership magazines: k!magazine and children’s ministry magazine.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Grear post Amy!! One of my favorite quotes from Braveheart “Men don’t follow titles. They follow courage.”


  2. BTW…that was “great” post, not “grear” post. haha.


  3. I like that definition. It is true. I’ve seen it. I’ve had “leaders” who could not lead. And others who stepped up and lead without ever being titled “leader”.

    I think leadership is a gift.


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