i’m a read-Aholic

i’m a read-aholic. that’s an actual word (in the amy dictionary, anyway). i love to read – all the time.

these are the books i am currently in the middle of:

  1. the great emergence by phyllis tickle. love it, love it and love it! pick up a copy – so we can discuss it here soon.
  2. marcus buckingham’s latest book, the truth about you.some of my friends (whom I won’t mention by name here) are reading buckingham’s book because they think he is rather handsome. not me – i read books for educational purposes only.
  3. i’m re-reading my friend michael novelli’s book, shaped by the story. this book is helpful to me on so many levels.
  4. children in the worshipping community by david ng and virginia thomas. great nuggets of wisdom.

what are you reading? i would love to add a few more books to my stack!




7 responses to this post.

  1. I just picked up Tickle’s book and hope to start it soon. I would like to hear more about novelli’s book. I”ve seen it on a few blogs lately and am totally unfamiliar with it.

    A recommendation for you: Eugene Peterson’s spiritual theology series. The first book is Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, if you haven’t read it yet.


  2. Amy, I like this post. I”m thinking of getting a wordpress blog. Plus, I’m a read-aholic as well.

    I heard Phyllis teach at Mars Hill about the topic of the book. Great teaching.

    And I want to read Novelli’s book.

    What is your system to keep up on the blog entries?


  3. Posted by amyedolan on May 5, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    hey john – Yes! get a blog, i would love to regularly read your thoughts! my system for the blog – each morning i spend time creating posts, filing links and ideas, and catching up on my news feed. this helps me organize my thoughts – i probably write 2-3 posts each morning and then file them. then i plan when to publish each – and post 1 a day. works for me!
    do you know where i can listen to phyllis’ teaching at mars hill?

    hi matt – michael novelli’s book is fantastic! it centers around the concept of chronological bible storying – it draws students into the bible and it’s themes as a whole, instead of teaching the bible in fragmented pieces. you can contact him for more youth ministry specifics: info@echothestory.com.
    thanks for the book recommendation – will definitely check it out!


  4. Amy,
    Thanks for the blog posting tips/ideas. Helpful.

    Do you think Novelli’s book would be helpful for an adult setting? Have you seen it done with adults?

    I’ll look into Tickle me elmo’s teaching at Mars. 🙂



  5. Posted by Pam on May 5, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    Amy – I am a read-Aholic too.

    I am reading Soul Space by Kevin Callahan, The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns, Building Better Families by Matthew Kelly and I am picking up Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders.
    Recently finished & would recommend The Faith by Chuck Colson and A Mary Heart in a Martha World.


  6. Posted by amyedolan on May 5, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Pam – great suggestions! i looked them all up at amazon – think i might even purchase a few. keep sending suggestions my way!


  7. Amy, I totally forgot about you mentioning Shaped By Story our last trip up! Once I get thru Crazy Love and Evangelism Without Additives, that’s next on my list!!! Thanks! Todd


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