reverse mentoring, part 2

thank you for your comments and incredible interest in the last post, “reverse mentoring.” i know technology, spiritual formation of children and social media are topics many of us are thinking about and specifically wondering about the connection between the three. my friend, chris brooks – posted a wonderful comment that caused me to think even further about this idea of reverse mentoring.

Brilliant. But who is going to volunteer to be Mentored by the younger generation? That is a bitter pill to swallow in your 50’s or 60’s! (maybe even 40’s)…

i agree! it may be difficult for the older generations to lean into the younger generations for mentoring. even as a 30 year old woman, i am hesitant and often too prideful to ask for help from those younger than me. but what option do i have? either keep my pride in tact – or look to learn and grow from those younger than me. because the millennial generation is the expert – and i can only keep my pride for so long before i need the expert to inform and lead me.

recently, i’ve heard several of my friends talk about quitting their social media activities. combine facebook, twitter, blogs, and news feeds – and i agree, it’s exhausting! but before i quit – i want to learn from those younger than me how i can fully utilize these mediums to deepen my relationships and communities. because i often think that because technology is technology to me – it’s cool and fun and a new invention, it’s not yet fully integrated into my life. for those younger than me – technology is not technology, it’s always been a part of life – and the integration is natural and assumed.

so my first step in looking to those younger than me – is asking a few students in my own church how i can grow my relationships with facebook. what’s your first step?


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