session 1 shift conference: francis chan

Session 1 at the Shift Student Ministry Conference: Breaking Free From Complacency – Francis Chan

Francis Chan

this was my first time listening to Francis Chan in a conference environment. i enjoyed his speaking style – his presence is casual and yet connective.

he talked about boldness, by referring to the first church – these people were common, uneducated and yet people were astonished because they were so bold in their love for each other. the unstoppable force in acts – looks so different than what we experience – often not a thought in our mind that that could happen today, we just assume that’s how it was then. francis suggested that the days of coming to church and sitting in our seats looking forward, listening to a speaker, and depending on a pastor for boldness are over. we are spirit filled men and women – it’s time to express boldness in our love for each other. we need to shift our perspective – we are smart enough, educated enough, and bold enough to love each other – God’s spirit is within us.

i love this quote from Oswald Chambers that Francis stated, “be sure not to turn your experiences into principles – allow the spirit to give each person a unique experience.”

i love the central theme of his message – be bold and confident – the spirit of God lives within you.

follow up resources: check out francis’ blog and his book, “crazy love.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Love it!!!


  2. I LOVE that quote by Oswald Chambers. So true. What a tendency we have to do this. We do need to remember that God speaks to each one of us where we are.


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