leadership and the power of rubber bands


i’m literally obsessed with nancy ortberg’s leadership book, “unleashing the power of rubber bands: lessons in non-linear leadership.” i’ve tried multiple times to move on to the enormous stack of leadership books sitting on my desk but i just can’t. instead i keep highlighting, re-reading, and recommending this book to everyone i know.

i think the reason i connect so deeply with this book is because it really is a book about non-linear leadership. for most of my life, i’ve worked in places where leadership-specifically how to be a great leader-was a very linear track. Do this, then do this, then that and after several years of experience – POOF! you’re a great leader! well, that track didn’t always work for me. i’m creative and relational and a strategic leader, which often makes it hard to describe me and my leadership development track.

i wish i could quote the entire book but instead i’ll highlight the sections that meant the most to me. and visit nancy’s site to download a free chapter!

“Great leadership is much more about creating a culture, and culture transforms people in much more profound ways than systems do.” (p.xvi)

“The journey of leadership is as much inward as it is outward. Leadership, done well, will continually be a force that drives you back into the center of yourself to find out what you are really made of…Leaders ought to be the most self-aware people in the room.” (p.124)

“I think the core of leadership is hope. Leadership is the hope that we can change the things that need to be changed and create what we cannot now imagine.” (p.7)

Have you read the book? Has it transformed your leadership or the way in which you view leadership?

May you be filled with hope today as you lead with confidence, strength and inspiration.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I just started listening to the audiobook of this. I can’t wait to hear more of it. I really like Nancy Ortberg’s take on stuff.


  2. […] yes, i’ve read this book before. and yes, i’ve blogged about the book before. here and here. this is my current favorite leadership book. when i was thinking about a leadership book to read […]


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