lakewood church


recently i had the opportunity to visit lakewood church in houston, texas.

the time i spent with craig johnson and clayton hurst, and the kids’ life team was a highlight of my year! i visited the wednesday night program for kids, and was beyond impressed with the depth of the curriculum, the volunteer commitment and competency, and the organization and strategy of the overall was honestly like nothing i had seen before.


the picture to the right is a picture of the small group time for elementary age kids. the volunteers are trained to lead children in conversation as opposed to following a strict lesson plan. it was amazing to watch the leaders connect with the children on a very deep level.

img_0066the most moving part for me came in the middle of the large group worship time. craig encouraged any kid who needed prayer to walk to the back of the room, find a leader and pray together. it was unbelievable to watch so many kids immediately walk to the back of the room and pray with their leaders. i felt so many emotions as I watched adult men kneel on their knees in order to pray with kids who needed prayer. i often look at this picture and remind myself that this is what the church is supposed to look like!

I think the world of this church and am so grateful for all they are doing to spiritually form children for a lifetime.


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